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Spill Clean-up Product

Creating a Safer, Cleaner and Greener Environment

Waterless Multi Surface Cleaner, for Concrete, Asphalt, Dirt, Tile and Carpet

All-Purpose, Non-Hazardous,100% Natural, Biodegradable Absorbent Media

Absorbs 15 Times More Than Clay Products

Can be Reused Until Clumpy or Saturated

Very Cost Effective Disposal Requirements

Spill CleanUp Absorbent media is one of the most effective absorbents on the market today. Spills are absorbed instantly so there is no time wasted waiting for the liquids to be absorbed. Liquids are solidified and absorbed on contact, allowing you to simply sweep them away, leaving surfaces clean, dry and non-slippery. Once a liquid is absorbed, it is encapsulated and will not leach out. Spill CleanUp Absorbent media is more effective than using traditional absorbents such as clay based medias. In fact, Spill CleanUp Absorbent media absorbs 15 times more liquid than conventional absorbents made from clay. Spill CleanIUp is also extremely lightweight (it is 5 time lighter than clay based absorbents) making it easy to handle and saving you a lot of money on disposal and work related injury costs.

Spill CleanUP™  Spill Control


Possibly the world’s best and most environmentally safe absorbent!

Spill CleanUP™ is non-selective.  It will pick up anything liquid or semi-liquid, and comes in Marine Grade too for use on or in the water.

Important Note:  Never use Spill CleanUP™ on Hydrofluoric Acid as it may create a lethal gas!

You can use Spill CleanUP™ for the following spills and more:

Spill CleanUP™ can be used safely on all surfaces.  It will not harm to humans, animals or plants. It will not harm concrete, asphalt or wood.

Spill CleanUP™ is very safe and economical.  To pick up one quart of oil…You would need 15 lbs. of clay (kitty litter)  or  You could use only 1.5 lbs of Spill CleanUP™ and clean up time is less than two minutes!

Spill CleanUP™ when used on non-hazardous materials it can be flushed down any drain without clogging the drain or adversely compromising the waste water treatment!

Spill CleanUP™ is lightweight making it easy to store and easy to dispose of.

Spill CleanUP™ exceeds EPA standards for landfill discarding of absorbed toxic materials as waste materials is encapsulated by “silica encapsulation!” and is then (non-leaching)

Spill CleanUP™ is USDA approved for many uses.

Spill CleanUP™ can be mixed 50/50 with your home kitty litter for the containment of unpleasant orders, fluids, and extension of kitty litter usage.

Spill CleanUP™ when used in a 3 to 1 ratio for gasoline absorption, it subdues the vapors and hinders ignition of any kind.  It can also be used to extinguish flames and prevent re-ignition of those flames.

Spill CleanUP™ can be used on any solvents or other liquids as a fumes and odor suppressant, rendering toxic conditions safer and pleasant to breathe.

Spill CleanUP™  Marine Grade can be used in or on the water to absorb solvents, fuels, oils or other toxic liquids, rendering toxic conditions safer and prevents surface fires as well as odor suppressing and safe to use around aquatic animals and fish.