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Shopping FAQ

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To all customers

We have spent over 9 years now working hard on ways to control costs and not have to increase pricing on our paint products and in many cases we were considering it, but luckily never had to. But unfortunately, just like the entire coatings and other industries we are running out of ways and running way low on everything to make our safe and natural products. A swell, all of our raw material costs have been going up and up since January of 2021, we have seen increase of 30 to 100 percent and no end in sight. As well when you order the raw materials you are getting long lead times as everything seems to be on back order or out of stock now. We do have more raw materials on order, but again our suppliers are either out of stock or have very limited on hand stock and everything seems to be on back order.
All of this has also pushed us to the point we have no other alternatives than to increase the prices or close our doors.
With all this said, we have also been hit with high demands on our products which have depleted our entire stock. So there could be slight delays from time to time until all this clears up and gets back to normal. We wish we had better news, but everyone is having the same issues right now and many were increasing their prices months ago. We have waited as long as possible. Please note that we may have to increase the prices even more if this all continues. But if an order is placed, your order pricing will be honored which is more than I can say about our raw materials suppliers have been.
Last, any orders placed during a waiting period for the raw materials, will be filled in the order they were submitted/received. We will also let everyone who has ordered any product know if there is any status changes as well as when we will be able to go into production.

The entire staff of Go Green World Products LLC

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