Purosol TV & Computer Screen Cleaner 16 oz. For Plasma, LCD, DLP and other Flat Panel Displays


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Purosol 10031 TV & Computer Screen Cleaner 16 oz. For Plasma, LCD, DLP and other Flat Panel Displays

Size: 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottle $35.95

Product Description

Purosol 16oz TV & Computer Screen Cleaner 10031

Purosol Molecular TV & Computer Screen CleanerDeveloped for NASA for All LCD, Plasma, DLP, CRT, Touch-Screen, iPod, iPad and Laptop Displays!

PUROSOL TV & Computer Screen Cleaner is one of the most technically advanced cleaning formulas in the world. Using an environmentally friendly, enzyme-based formula, PUROSOL cleans at the molecular level – neutralizing the bonds dust, dirt, oil, and grime use to adhere to glass or plastic screen surfaces. This unique solution has been designed specifically for use on high-end Plasma, LCD and CRT displays.

Product Features:

  • PUROSOL TV & Computer Screen Cleaner’s unique Enzyme-Based formula cleans better. PUROSOL uses a unique process which quickly disrupts the molecular bonds that salt, grime, grease, dirt and mineral deposits use to adhere to surfaces, leaving your screen clean of dust and glare-free.
  • PUROSOL TV & Computer Screen Cleaner won’t harm your pc or plasma television – nor will it harm you. Unlike standard cleaners which contain harmful ingredients that can ultimately damage or destroy your screen, PUROSOL contains no Ammonia, Alcohol, Glycerin or Silicone. It’s Completely Solvent Free. Conventional cleaners also contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or other health problems, but PUROSOL is natural and safe.
  • PUROSOL keeps your screens clean longer Our unique formula neutralizes static, repels dust and dirt, and keeps your screens clean longer.
  • PUROSOL is completely safe for the environment. Non-Toxic, 100% Hazard Free, No CFC’s, Non-Flammable, Completely Biodegradable, Environmentally Safe.
  • PUROSOL TV & Computer Screen Cleaner is pure. PUROSOL is a Sterile Aqueous Solution. It is Bacteria Free and Exceeds Federal EPA and OSHA Health and Safety Standard Environmentally safe and effective, PUROSOL Plasma is the ultimate screen cleaner for cutting-edge products that require special care.
Weight 1 lbs
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