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Oil & Water Separator Products Mycelex

System is engineered to remove hydrocarbons ranging from oil to gasoline from water in a single pass.

MYCELX instantly solubilizes the hydrocarbon compounds and bonds them to its surface, keeping them from separating and emulsifying.

MYCELX can remove oil/water & water/oil mixed emulsions. MYCELX is also able to remove PCBs, MTBE, and organically bound metals.


System Includes:

· Pump – Up to 6 GPM

· Particle Filter

· MYCELX – 4 Filter Unit, 304 Stainless Steel mounted on 28″ roll around cart.

Removes the following from waste water:

· Alkanes

· Alkenes

· Cycloalkanes

· Aromatic Hydrocarbons

· Crude Oils

· Tallow and other animal fats

· Vegetable Oils

· Complex Organics, Monomers, & Polymers

· Heavy Metals

· PBBs


· Chlorinated Organics

· Emulsions

Pore Size: 5 micron

Max Operating Pressure: 150 psig

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