Eco friendly biocide for the oil and gas drilling industry.

Generally, anolyte solutions have been effective for the management of bacteria and other microorganisms in oil and gas production for years. Anolyte solutions are being used to enhance production from wells which have been impacted by down-hole growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Anolyte helps by killing the bacteria and removing the restrictive biomass.

The Most Advanced ECA Solution Available:

Anolyte is a strong oxidizing solution formed from naturally occurring elements that kills unwanted microorganisms and pathogens. Anolyte at a neutral pH kills bacteria, pathogens, germs, viruses, mold, mildew, fungi,and spores on contact or within seconds.

This patented technology uses a simple combination of water, salt, and electricity to produce a powerful biocide solution.

Field Usage and Results

 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved as a biocide for oil and gas production.

Water used for the fracturing of oil and gas wells can be treated with anolyte solutions to manage bacteria, protecting fracturing fluids and gels, and ensuring polymer performance. Anolyte solutions remove scale and slime build-up from pipes and cooling water systems can be kept free of biomass, improving heat exchange values and eliminating corrosion caused by – microbial induced corrosion (MIC).

Produced water may be treated before being revised in stimulation fluids or water floods. Field operations where frac water was treated with anolyte showed that the bacteria levels in the frac water were reduced below the threshold levels that would adversely impact stimulation fluids and gels.

Anolyte is considered non-hazardous. Protective equipment and site safety measures are not required for Anolyte applications. Once Anolyte has fully degraded, it leaves no ecological damage to well sites.

Anolyte can be used in the following oil and gas industry applications:

  • Frac water
  • Sour wells
  • Produced waters
  • Water flood injection
  • Oil and gas transmission lines
  • Heater treaters
  • Hydrocarbon storage facilities
  • Gas storage wells

Disposal Considerations:

As a waste, this material in its raw form IS NOT considered a HAZARDOUS WASTE under RCRA (29 CFR 261). This product is not expected to bio accumulate. When released into water or air, its expected half life is 1-10 days. It is now possible to utilize this unique technology to improve production in an environmentally responsible manner.

To all customers

We have spent over 9 years now working hard on ways to control costs and not have to increase pricing on our paint products and in many cases we were considering it, but luckily never had to. But unfortunately, just like the entire coatings and other industries we are running out of ways and running way low on everything to make our safe and natural products. A swell, all of our raw material costs have been going up and up since January of 2021, we have seen increase of 30 to 100 percent and no end in sight. As well when you order the raw materials you are getting long lead times as everything seems to be on back order or out of stock now. We do have more raw materials on order, but again our suppliers are either out of stock or have very limited on hand stock and everything seems to be on back order.
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