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Green Polyurethane™ 

The First Polyurethane Paint Manufactured Without Toxic Isocyanates

Green Polyurethane™ is the first ever developed hybrid polyurethane/epoxy high performance coatings that is produced using a patented method which completely eliminate the use of toxic isocyanates. This Resulted in a superior substitute for conventional Poly/Epoxy floor coating without using toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process. This resulted in a product that is hundreds of times less toxic than conventional Polyurethanes/Epoxies which has superior properties and costs up to 20% less to produce.

Green Polyurethane™ Advantages

  • 2 times grater stability and bond
  • Increased hydrolytic stability
  • 2 times greater thermal stability & heat resistance
  • 30 – 50% grater resistance to environmental and chemical degradation
  • 3 – 4 times less permeability
  • Excellent adhesiveness
  • Superior Durability
  • Safe & easy synthesis, ease of handling in moist environments
  • Increased applications
  • Solvent free compounds for flooring applications
  • Superior environmental properties
  • Ideal for Industrial Flooring applications where companies are seeking environmentally-responsible solutions with effective performance.


Green Polyurethane Floor coatings are EPA and FDA Approved.  These paints have increased chemical resistance properties and material synthesis that has superior environmental characteristics to conventional polyurethanes. They come in 22 Vibrant colors and accept multiple color, reflective and non-slip fillers. Extremely durable and can withstand greater thermal and chemical degradation .

With a more stable bond to materials, easily hydrolyzed and less susceptible to environmental degradation. their stability is well above that of conventional polyurethanes. In fact Green Polyurethane™ is 2 times greater chemical resistance than standard Polyurethane. Has superior resistance to chemical degradation: 30-50 percent better over conventional polyurethanes and reduced permeability: four times less porous structure practically no pores.

This technology is much safer and better for the environment due to the absence of isocyanates. The binder can accept more fillers than conventional Polyurethane without special drying procedures. Last, Green Polyurethane’s™ do not require special health protection procedures which are normally associated with the use of conventional Polyurethanes due to the absents of the toxic isocyanates.


 Due to the superior structure and excellent resistance to degradation, Green Polyurethane™ is ideal for all Protective coatings for concrete and other floor surface applications including those areas which require crack resistant materials, chemically resistant coatings, non-slip surfaces, high impact surfaces, etc.

Their outstanding properties are beneficial to many different industries including:


Parking garages, auto maintenance areas, Steps and Ladder Wells, Mechanic Work Spaces, Washrooms, etc.


Airplane hangers, Steps and Ladder Wells, Mechanic Work Spaces, Washrooms, etc.


Crack Barrier Concrete, Flooring, Plywood, Rooftops, Wood, Decks, Storage Room Floors, Steps and Ladder Wells, etc.


Heavy Industrial Equipment maintenance area Floors, Machinery Room Floors, Manufacturing floors, Clean Room Floors, Storage Room Floors, Steps and Ladder Wells, Wheelhouses, etc.


Bridge Decks, Deck Coatings, Interior and Exterior Floors, Machinery Rooms, Paints, Sealants, etc.


Appliances Show Rooms, Storage Rooms, Loading Docks, etc.


Garage, Utility Room, Outside Decks, Crack Barrier Concrete, Flooring, Rooftops, Wood Decks, Storage Room Floors, Steps and Stair Cases, etc.


Green Polyurethane™ displays the same high adhesion, elasticity and strength properties as conventional polyurethane, yet the thermal stability, and heat resistance and chemical resistant properties are much greater than conventional Polyurethane coatings. Coatings produced by Green Polyurethane™ have excellent water-resistance properties better than conventional polyurethanes and epoxy coatings combined. The main differences between non-isocyanate and conventional coatings can been seen in the following table.

Conventional Urethane Compared to Green Polyurethane

Conventional Urethane Hybrid Nonisocyanate
Solid % 76 87
Pot life* 4-6 hours 4-6 hours
Thorough cure time 7 days by 18-22°C 4 days by 18-20°C
Film appearance clear smooth clear smooth
Pencil hardness H-2H H-2H
Elasticity 1 mm 1 mm
Impact 40-50 kg/cm 50 kg/cm
Adhesion mark 1-2 1
Coefficient of chemical resistant:
H2SO4, 10% at 60°C 0.75-0.80 0.90-0.95
NaOH, 10% at 60°C 0.80-0.85 0.95-1.0
H2O, 10% at 60°C 0.85-0.90 0.95-1.0


MSDS Sheets
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Sheet 2 (pdf)
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Green PolyurethanePaints

Color Chart

Green Polyurethane™ Floor Coatings

The Next Generation in Poly / Epoxy Floor Paint Coatings (NON-ISOCYINATE). Stronger, Better, Safer and an Environmental Green Product.

Offered in the multiple colors and textures as seen in the color chart.

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