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Green Planet Paints

A Clean & Easy Way of Building Environmental Safety Into Your Home Or Business

Our coatings are fundamentally unique. While there are many “zero VOC” coatings on the market today, Green Planet Paints®  is leading the pack in moving beyond petroleum toward truly sustainable paint based coatings based on plant resins and mineral pigments. To fully appreciate these innovations, we feel providing you with a brief review of modern coatings and their history is helpful.

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Modern coatings are composed of essentially four ingredients: pigment, binder, solvent and property additives. Pigment provides the color, while the binders are the “glue” that holds everything together. The solvent adjusts the consistency, and the additives improve how the product mixes and flows. These four types of ingredients combine to create a liquid that can be applied and will adhere to a substrate. For thousands of years paints have been made from a wide variety of natural materials, such as lime, casein, linseed oil, chalk, clays, minerals and tree resins. Painters of old made their own paint according to local resources and their own knowledge. Stains and sealers were also brought about using natural resources and would bring out the beauty of the wood grain and help to preserve and protect the woods and surfaces.

Then came petroleum. With the growth of the petrochemical industry after World War II, the milk or plant-based paints and stains common at the time were replaced with synthetic petroleum-based products. Pigments, resins and additives were synthesized in the laboratory and mass produced in factories. Solvents were added to help with acrylic bonding. Synthetic biocides allowed the easy preservation of these products in the can, so it could be stored indefinitely and shipped anywhere. These “new” synthetic products eventually became the accepted standard for the industry. But as we’ve come to learn, along with the convenience came a number of costs: to human health, planet, and the beauty of the finishes.

Human Health

Commercial coatings can contain up to 1500 different petrochemicals, many of which are very harmful. Most of these chemicals and solvents, but not all, are regulated by the EPA using the term VOC (volatile organic compounds.) This definition is somewhat misleading though, as not all harmful coating chemicals fall under the VOC definition. Furthermore, for paints the EPA allows up to 5 mg/liter of VOC’s in the zero VOC rating. Stains are even higher. But VOC’s are just a small part of this human health issue. There are many other solvents and chemicals that are not being regulated and like VOC’s and yet are much more harmful and dangerous. Then there are the issues with biocides for preservation. There is the medical research now that show direct links in human health problems by the use of many of these biocides. 


VOCs not only contribute to smog, they are also potent greenhouse gases.  With the huge amounts of energy needed to drill, ship, and refine petroleum into components for coatings, petroleum-based products are simply not sustainable.  The industrial manufacture are not overly concerned either as they are making more money today than 10 years ago and yet it is actually costing them less to make the products they do, yet they sell it for more today than 5 years ago.


Petroleum-based paints, being synthetic and highly processed, produce colors that lack natural complexity and all too often look and feel “lifeless.” Stains being solvent based do not truly preserve the wood, but rather chemically preserve it like mummification.

Most industry leading companies, in attempting to “green” their products, have focused on the human health aspects, removing particular additives so as to meets low and zero VOC criteria established  by the EPA. Yet their products are still petroleum-based, with pigment, binder and solvent additives remaining synthetic. They have also found that using conventional testing methods, most of the test equipment cannot accurately read VOC levels in water born materials. This also disguises the solvents and thus not much has truly changed. Then there are the new water based stains that contain heavy metal driers and do not truly penetrate the wood surface, these water based stains are actually just translucent paints.

This is where Green Planet Paints® is different. We’ve made three key choices in formulating our products:

  1. To move beyond petroleum, using plant-based binders and natural additives.
  2. To minimize additives and not over-formulate, which not only creates more synthetic products in our waste stream, but takes the life out of the paint.
  3. To use mineral pigments that are produced with low energy processes, resulting in unique, lightfast colors, in a simple, easy to use color palette based on the colors of nature.
  4. To use recycled waste stream materials that would normally be disposed of in a chemical waste landfill.
  5. To use alternative plant materials that will act like a solvent but not be toxic but performs as good or better.
  6. To eliminate the need for the use of biocides for preservation, but rather natural methods.

The results are paints, stains and sealers that are truly exceptional–safe, sustainable, natural and beautiful by nature while preserving and protecting substrates through natural means; and does not require a biocides or preservative to extend its life.

Beautiful, safe to people, pets and the environment, and isn’t that what a coating should be?

Today, GGWP with the help of NCC has advanced the coating product lines to the next level of sustainability and keeping with the goal of making them as close to natural as humanly possible. These products are now all using the newest agricultural raw material technology that gives superior performance and improves stain penetration, faster absorption, better hardness development for sealers and stains, and increased the coating performances in all the lines.  The new bead acrylic and tree rosin technology for concrete use, and the new tree rosin technology for woods, eliminate film formation in the stains.  They rely strictly on penetration as a true stain should be.  In the sealers the bead resin provides for faster water release resulting in improved water and chemical resistance for concrete surfaces.  The new wood sealer has an amber tone from the tree rosin that gives warmth to the stains similar to solvent sealers but is non hazardous.  The improved paint technology provides for better protection of the substrate and increases the life of the substrate due to the unique properties, revitalizes woods and dries faster, stronger and is more durable than previous technologies.  All this along with a totally exclusive mineral based tint system improvement, you now get no fade and longer life out of all these products.  No one even comes close to what we have developed.

GGWP has also become the manufacture of a new concrete micro toping produce we call Agri-Crete Overlayment.  This product is superior to all the others on the market as well, it is less temperamental and much easier to use than the others.  Agri-Crete is highly durable and has superior performance while also being flexible and strong.  Agri-Crete accepts stains easily and well as paints and sealers.  Contains recycled components and is very Eco-Friendly.

GGWP with the help of NCC has also perfected its 100% all natural mineral colorant line, making it suitable for use in any paint or stain line.  This is an exclusive liquid system that not only has zero VOC’s, it is highly sustainable.  In addition, it will not fade over time like the organics and oil based systems.  This product technology is currently being requested and evaluated for possible licensing for manufacturing by multiple big names. Unfortunately we are not authorized to divulge these company names according to the NDA’s we have with them.  Others are able to obtain the same agreement if desired.

GGWP along with NCC are now looking to partner with new distributors that have served the contractors, architects, and green dealers for over 25 years.  This relationship will better serve the consumers so they can fully understand the value of Agri-Based feed stock being utilized in coatings applications.  “Green Technology” is not just about reduced VOC’s and being more environmentally friendly.  It’s about the use of recycled product, waste streams, renewable resources, petrochemical reduction, and healthy living environments.  Fully sustainable products that demand performance and application techniques that are friendly and easy for use even by the DYI market.

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