Green Planet Paints® was conceived in 1993, by a materials scientist and expert in clays and historic pigments who no longer wants to have her name associated with the brand, she originally moved to Patagonia, Arizona. Surrounded by the blazing ochre’s of canyon walls, the electric greens of waterfall mosses, the shifting silvers of high-desert grasses and the multicolored hues of migrating birds, she was inspired to create a paint that not only reflected the beauty around her, but respected it. Combining her expertise in materials science with her knowledge of ancient pigment technologies, she began formulating a new kind of paint founded on three principles: beauty, performance, and sustainability.


Dedicated to the environment and preservation of the heaven and earth are two values Go Green World Products promotes. By pursuing raw materials from the earth that can be utilized to produce products that are ecologically responsible we can ensure a brighter future for our children.


  • To lead by creating quality products that respect and sustain our natural world.
  • To serve our customers by providing safe, effective, innovative products of premium quality.
  • To operate an organization founded on integrity to our customers, coworkers, suppliers, and community.


Our paints are fundamentally unique. While there are many zero VOC paints on the market today, Green Planet Paints® is the first to move beyond petroleum toward a truly sustainable paint based on plant resins and mineral pigments. Making this the only True Zero VOC full paint line manufactured today. To fully appreciate these innovations, a brief review of modern paint and its history is helpful.

Modern paint is composed of essentially four ingredients: pigment, binder, solvent and property additives. Pigment provides the color, while the binder is the “glue” that holds everything together. The solvent adjusts the consistency, and the additives improve how the paint mixes and flows. These four types of ingredients combine to create a liquid that can be painted and will adhere to a substrate. For thousands of years paints have been made from a wide variety of natural materials, such as lime, casein, linseed oil, chalk, clays, minerals and tree resins. Painters of old made their own paint according to local resources and their own knowledge.

Then came petroleum. With the growth of the petrochemical industry after World War II, the milk-based paints common at the time were replaced with synthetic petroleum-based products. Pigments, resins and additives were synthesized in the laboratory and mass produced in factories. Synthetic biocides allowed the easy preservation of the paint in the can, so it could be stored indefinitely and shipped anywhere. This “new” synthetic paint eventually became the accepted standard for house paint. But as we’ve come to learn, along with the convenience came a number of costs: to human health, planet, and beauty of the finish.

  • Human Health. Commercial paints can contain up to 1500 different petrochemicals, many of which are harmful. Most of these chemicals, but not all, are regulated by the EPA using the term VOC (volatile organic compounds.) This definition is somewhat misleading though, as not all harmful paint chemicals fall under the VOC definition. Furthermore, the EPA allows up to 5 mg/liter of VOC’s in the zero VOC rating.
  • Planet. VOCs not only contribute to smog, they are also potent greenhouse gases.    With the huge amounts of energy needed to drill, ship, and refine petroleum into components for paint, petroleum-based paints are simply not sustainable.
  • Beauty.  Petroleum-based paints, being synthetic and highly processed, produce colors that lack natural complexity and all too often look and feel “lifeless.”   
Most paint companies, in attempting to “green” their paints, have focused on the human health aspects, removing or replacing particular additives so as to meet the low and zero VOC criteria established  by the EPA. Yet their paints are still petroleum-based, with pigment, binder and additive remaining synthetic.  Not to mention that with the exception of clay paints and power tints, everyone uses the same synthetic petroleum-based tints to color their base paints, which results in VOC’s being added to the paint at enormous amounts when colored. Even though these tints are called zero VOC tints. The truth is, they have to be below 250 g/l to be called zero VOC. I call this extremely high VOC’s. We here at GGWP make our own tint systems and we are at truly zero in VOC’s and 100% bio content.
This is where Green Planet Paints® is different. We’ve made three key choices in formulating our paint:


1.       To move beyondpetroleum, using plant-based binders and additives only.
2.       To minimize or eliminate additives and not over-formulate, which not only creates more synthetic products in our waste stream, but takes the life out of the paint. So we use plant waste stream materials to make these items for our products.
3.       To use mineralpigmentsthat are produced with low energy processes, resulting in unique, lightfast colors, in a simple, easy to use color palette based on the colors of nature.


The result is paints and stains that’s are truly exceptional–safe, sustainable, durable and beautiful by nature.  And isn’t that what our paint and stain products should be?


Effective January 01, 2017

Go Green World Products, LLC, also the owner and manufacture of Green Planet Paints® has a limited 30/60 days Money-Back Guarantee. General products: If within 30 days from the date your purchase is shipped and the product/s fail or are found faulty by the products industrial standards and no manufacturing warranty is available, Go Green World Products, LLC (GGWP) will still warrant the product with replacement. This excludes shipment damage or loss, contractor costs for installation or time to remove and or replace. In some cases GGWP may cover the shipping fees as well depending on the situation. This does not apply to any coating products, clearance items or special sales items. As it applies to coatings: If within 60 days from the date your purchase is shipped, the product/s fail as defined by the coating industry standards; the product warranty will take effect excluding shipment, shipping damage, application error, smells or improper storage of product prior to use. If within 30 days from the date the product was shipped, the customer decides that they are not satisfied with the product (prior to application) due to an issue or at the customers decision, the product may be returned for refund under the following conditions: We agree to refund the purchase price of the coating only excluding shipping, and will remit payment within 30 days after receiving all materials back in “good condition” and under special circumstances, the remaining materials excluding any shipping or shipping related charges and a 30% restocking fee for the Stains, Sealers, Base paints/primers only; for paints/primers this means that no tint has been added to the product yet. There will be no return or refund for any tinted paints or primers. If a return is authorized in some cases, we may help arrange for the product return based on the reason for the return, but the restocking fee will not be waved and the shipping expenses will also be deducted from the refund. All notices must be in writing and are not valid until the customer has received return instructions from the home office. All products must be returned within 30 days from the date of return notice to the home office or the return will be null-in-void and any possible return payment denied. If replacement product is provided prior to a return of said defective product, the return is still required to be received by the home office within 30 days of the provided notice. A failure to return said product within allotted time constitutes a denial of return, denial of any reimbursements and payment of all product, and payment owed to Go Green World Products, LLC immediately for the new product and shipping expenses.

Note: our coating products have specific warranties and are limited only to the product performance/failure as per industry standards and excludes all application, smell or other related issues that may arise which we have no control of, and excludes other related issues other than performance. It also excludes any costs associated with the application, removal, reapplication and applies to the product only as long as there is nothing wrong with the substrate or associated materials on the substrate, and only if the surface was prepared correctly and the product/s was stored, prepared and applied correctly as recommended by GGWP LLC and consistently within specifications outlined in the tech sheet and application notes or product label. Any failure due to product application or the noticing of issues during application and the application was not stopped to investigate why the issue is occurring in order to correct said issues, GGWP is not liable for said application errors. Nor shall GGWP be liable for possible interactions with pre existing coatings or a failure to follow instructions or a change in preparations after addressing concerns prior to ordering or application of full coating/s, or any other application errors which we have no control of. GGWP LLC will help the purchaser to figure out what the issue/s is/are and how to correct it if at all possible, but it is up to the purchaser to follow said advice and recommendations to resolve the issue/s. All the coating product are made by GGWP LLC are made with natural and natural recycled components and contain no preservatives, biocides or related toxic and/or petrochemicals which could cause gas off of harmful toxins, yet the coatings work as per industry standards and thus GGWP LLC cannot be held responsible for underling issues which it has no control of.

Product failure: In the event of a product failure or suspected failure of a coating product/s, the product warranty is limited to the “Green Planet Paints®” coating/s only. These coatings are guaranteed to provide satisfactory performance as outlined in the MPI paint industry standards and only when applied as recommended. If this product is found to be defective upon inspection by its representative, and both a paint and sub-straight surface sample have been provided for testing at its facility, and no preparation, application, prior coatings or sub straight issues have been noted; GGWP LLC will, at its option, either furnish an equivalent amount of new product or refund the purchase price to the original consumer / purchaser of the product upon proof of purchase. GGWP LLC will not be held liable for any representations or warranties made by any distributor, retail, seller, consultant, designer, contractor or applicator of the product. GGWP LLC may at its option but is not bound nor required to offer a reapplication of new product by one of its trained and certified paint contractors, if accepted by the originating customer, GGWP LLC will arrange for said re-application; if no issues arise during or after the new application and product is performing as designed, said customer will be liable for all expenses including but not limited to labor, new product and any incidentals encountered for said re-application including travel. GGWP LLC will not be held liable for any encountered expenses by the customer including but not limited to the removal of product, or product sample/s, substrate sample/s, or any other repairs encountered by the customer while attempting to show product failure. This warranty as it applies to GGWP LLC excludes (1) all labor or cost of labor for the removal of product or any other product, any repair or replacement of substrates to which the product is / was applied to or the application of or replacement of product or any other product/s and (2) any incidental or consequential damages which may have occurred as a result of or related to said defective product, regardless of the testing outcome, including but not limited to the provision for providing of sub straight material for application and sub straight testing.

Some states may not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you directly. But the liability and laws of this warranty are governed by the state of Arizona and no other. This warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state but any legal recourse will only be addressed by and in the state of Arizona.

Product Claims: All claims must be made in writing and by the purchasing customer only; all others are considered invalid and GGWP LLC may not be responded to. To make a warranty claim or inquiry about a possible issue, write to customer support, Go Green World Products, LLC, 11460 N. Cave Creek Road, Suite 7. Phoenix, AZ. 85020, or email us at: customersupport@gogreenworldproducts.com, or Fax to 602-944-4956

For questions, call (within/outside Arizona 602-944-04442 or if outside AZ, you can also use 866-995-4442) Note issues with the 866 numbers have occurred in the past.

In the event of a coating failure or suspected failure of the product it is the responsibility of the customer to notify GGWP LLC immediately before continuing any additional application of said product. In the event the coating fails to perform as a result of the contractor/applicator’s, improper application of product, improper storage of product, improper handling of product, improper preparation of product, applying product over a highly toxic primer or product, or any others as applicable to the above mentioned, the product warranty may be null-in-void. If the product is not found to be defective upon inspection by its representative or through GGWP LLC testing, GGWP LLC will, at its option, either furnish an equivalent amount of new product or refund the purchase price to the original consumer / purchaser of this product upon proof of purchase; excluding any shipping, shipping preparations or restocking fees and product used. Labor of any type is not covered by the warranty as GGWP LLC has no control or agreement with said contractor/s. In this case, the customer must pursue the contracting agent. If the customer fails to file a product failure complaint or uses all materials, if the product is not found to have failed, GGWP LLC will not be responsible for reimbursement of product or purchase price.

In the event the surface was improperly prepared and/or the product was improperly prepared or applied incorrectly by one of our trained and certified referral contractors, we will warrant both the product and will work with you, the original purchasing customer to address the labor as it applies to any removing and/or re-preparation / application of the product. All our referral contractors are required to be licensed and must maintain liability insurance for such an issue and be bonded to protect you.

Non Warranty: This warranty is not extended to unsatisfactory color, unsatisfactory sheen, personal sensitivities that one may have or encounter during or after application caused by interactions with underlying products or the product did not perform to the customer’s expectation due to an underlying issue or cause or our primer was not applied prior to application of topcoats as outlined by GGWP LLC for proper application, paint section. All coatings are natural and/or earth friendly and contain the highest quantities of natural, Bio, recycled and/or sustainable materials.

For additional information, questions or for return or replacement instructions, please contact customer support at: customersupport@gogreenworldproducts.com or phone 1-602-944-4442 or 1-866-995-4442.

Our office is normally manned between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Arizona time, Monday through Friday. When calling after these hours or if you get our answering system because we are working offsite, manufacturing products or getting orders processed and out, please leave a message with your Name, Phone number and a brief explanation and one of our staff will contact you as soon as possible. The phones are forwarded to our business cell at all other times, but you will need to leave the same information and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM Arizona time, excluding holidays or special shutdown days.

Disclaimer: As part of the conditions for any sale and/or purchase which may take place between Go Green World Products, LLC and you the customer, all product, orders, payments, warranties and shipments shall be subject to the following terms and conditions: The laws and decisions of the state of Arizona shall govern all transactions taking place between the parties with venue and jurisdiction in Maricopa County Arizona shall govern all transactions taking place between the parties. Any past due invoices shall bear added charges at the rate of twenty-three (23%) per annum based on the beginning of the anniversary date and include a $39.00 accountant processing fee, except in no event shall the amount of charges exceed the highest amount permitted by law. Should it be necessary for us to retain a collection firm or attorney to enforce any payment transactions which may arise between the parties pursuant hereto, you the customer shall be responsible for any and all added expenses and pay all collection expenses and/or our attorney fees and legal costs if we are determined the prevailing party during any dispute that arises.

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