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We Want To Help You Go Green

Go Green World Products LLC

Go Green World Products, LLC (GGWP) is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of Green and Eco Friendly products and solutions and services.

Founded in June of 2008 by Theodore Sosnicki who is a highly decorated and disabled Catholic Navy war veteran.  The concept was to design, develop, manufacture and distribute Green Eco Friendly and Beneficial products that would help and benefit the future of the country which he fought to protect for over 20 years.  The company started by offering leading edge products that could improve home environments with the hope of focusing on renewable and affordable power generating systems through grants; as well as offering hazardous material clean up solutions.  The grants never came about and the economy declined in the worst recession since the great depression.  Because GGWP was also diversified in the Water and Waste Water Treatment industry, it kept the company afloat for some of the time while others were going out of business.  In late 2008 GGWP was approached by Green Planet Paints® (GPP) owner about distributing the interior paint line for them as the tolling company was in the same location.  In 2009 GPP owner approached GGWP owner about buying up GPP as they were going under.  This was agreed to at the same time another companies stock holders had approached GGWP’s owner about taking over their companies products and going from a privately held company to a publicly held company (Name withheld for legal reasons).  GPP and its trade name was purchased in early 2009 and became part of the GGWP product lines.

Many things took place over the years including the installation of several small municipality water treatment systems and the development of several alliances with other companies trying to achieve the same goals of improving the environment for our children’s sake. In 2010 GGWP while working with Century Coatings (NCC), “an R&D” company, teamed up to correct and advance the GPP paint line and add stains, sealers and an exterior paint line as well. In 2013 the two company owners GGWP and NCC started working on the leading edge Agri lines (Agri standing for Agricultural) consisting of stains, sealers, paints and other coatings under the Green Planet Paints® trade name..  The two companies have been working hard making advancements in the coating industry since then and now offer an Alkyd interior paint line, a Emulsion interior/exterior paint line, Stain lines for wood and concrete, a micro topping concrete line and a tint line.  The two are also working on other coatings for arts and craft, models, fingernails and much more. All these product lines are of the highest sustainability possible and highest plant based natural materials.

In 2014 GGWP got into the oil and gas drilling industry offering Eco Friendly drilling fluids, frictions reducers, remediation products, absorbents and more through a few alliances.  GGWP and one other company were able to offer a driller the ability to do something never achieved. Drill, clean up and be able to walk away with a green footprint at a fraction of the cost for conventional methods that are not green or even ECO friendly.  Although GGWP has had very little success in this area, we still offer this option.

As of 2016, GGWP has made the decision to narrow its focus to three core specialties: Coatings; Water and Waste Water Treatment, Filtration and Purification Systems and solutions; Hazardous Material / Spill Containment, Clean up, Identification and Remediation.  We will still offer many other products and services as in the past using our alliances, but these will be our areas of focus for the near future.

Mission Statement

Being dedicated to the environment and the preservation of the heavens and earth are two basic values that Go Green World Products and its alliances promote. By pursuing raw materials from the earth and other waste streams that can be utilized to produce products that are ecologically responsible, we can ensure a brighter future for our children.

Core Values

  • To develop, manufacture and provide some of the most advanced green products in the world with the highest possible sustainability and use of recycled components
  • To lead the industry by creating quality products that respect and sustain our natural world while keeping our planet, environment, families, children and military in mind.
  • To serve our customers by providing safe, effective, beneficial and innovative products of premium quality.
  • To operate our organization founded on integrity to our customers, coworkers, suppliers, and community.


Providing products to improve today’s and tomorrow’s environment.


Provide products that meet or exceed industry standards while providing benefits that others cannot while meeting all the following standards:

  • Provide more benefits than similar / like products.
  • Provide safer and more Eco Friendly results.
  • Has no negative impact on environment, humans or animals.

As it applies to our coatings, that they will meet all the following standards:

  • No formaldehyde
  • No Ammonia
  • No Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds
  • No Exempt Solvents
  • No Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • No Preservatives
  • Has the highest sustainability
  • Contains the highest quantity of recycled materials
  • Uses most waste stream components possible

Our Other Coating Standards and Focus Goals:

Area of focus What we desire Where we are currently at
Sustainability 100% 100% on stains, 80% on paints and sealers
Recycled Components 100% > 40% on all coatings
Bio Content 100% > 60% Stains and Sealers, Between 38% and 58% Paints
Safe to all users 100% A lot better than most like products
Safe for the environment 100% Much better and higher than like products
Meet “Green” Standards 100% At around 80% levels